rain beats
I've hung a wish on every star; the stars shine bright even in day
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I seriously need to stop doing math problems at 2AM….it’s like this weird addiction…

❝ She was a compulsive pessimist, always looking for the soft brown spot in the fruit, pressing so hard she created it.

— Amy Waldman | The Submission (via blogut)

Keep in Mind

To keep in mind (reminders for me):

(1) If you can fix your problem with money, it’s not a problem.

(2) Remind yourself of the good things you already have; be happy with what you have.

(3) We need change to grow.

(4) If you’re thirsty, it’s too late to dig a well.

(5) Today, be the reason for someone’s smile.


advice for living (and such) by svanes on Flickr.


i hope everybody is staying cute and hydrated

It feels so weird doing math again. So far it’s been a bit like:

(1) How the fk do I solve this.

(2) What did I do wrong?! oh…stupid math error -_- 

and sometimes (3) Yes omg I did it right maybe I’m not so dumb after all :’)